Acrylic Rendering

Acrylic Rendering Services

Acrylic RenderingAcrylic rendering is the evolution of rendering with the addition of acrylic fibers. An acrylic render is any type of render that has present in the mix a type of plastic, named acrylic. The addition of acrylic makes the render more flexible and stronger than traditional rendering mixes, making it crack-resistant.

Acrylic rendering services, due to the properties of the acrylic mix, are extremely suited for large projects, where maintenance would not be easy to achieve and where substrate cracking is likely to be an issue.

Benefits of Acrylic Rendering

Acrylic rendering has many advantages compared to the traditional rendering. Due to the properties of the acrylic render, it needs an only thin coat of render that is much less likely to crack after it has been applied, and also easy to maintain thanks to its “self-cleaning” abilities.

Acrylic render is extremely suitable to be applied on to external wall insulation systems and onto timber frame construction. It can also be used to render surfaces where cement rendering would not be suitable, like cement blocks and concrete paneling.

It also has the advantage of being stronger, more flexible and having higher water resistance than cement rendering. Furthermore, compared to the traditional renders, where it take up to a month to completely dry, acrylic rendering needs only 2 days to dry and cure.

With acrylic rendering, many different types of finishes can be achieved, including stone, marble, sandstone, clay, glistening and lime finish.

Lime Rendering

Some properties, like old brick houses or houses with lime-based mortars, are not suitable for cement renders, which might harm more than help, by retaining water and moist within the walls. A solution to this problem is lime rendering that would use an appropriate lime based render.

Lime renders allow walls of the house to breathe and really suitable for renovation and restoration of period properties.

High-Quality Rendering Services Sydney

SAB Rendering offer professional acrylic rendering services all across Sydney. We understand houses and know what type of rendering would best suit your property. Also, our experience and craftsmanship recommend us for any type of rendering project you have.

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