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Bathroom Rendering Services

bathroom renderingBathroom rendering services completed correctly and accurately, are crucial to the success of any bathroom project. Rendering your bathroom can be the final goal of your project or a base for tiling or further development. In any case, it plays a really important part of your bathroom design or renovation.

The most common render methods and products used in bathroom renovations is the standard sand and cement render, however, acrylic render can be used over certain surfaces, such as painted surfaces.

A proper cement rendering for a bathroom should have walls rendered perfectly straight and plumb, whilst ensuring that all the corners are square. Providing a straight rendered surface is essential so that the tiles and bathroom cabinets can be fitted properly. The surface that ceramic tiles are to be fixed to should be not only straight but also clean with no loose material. An experienced renderer would make sure that all these important steps in the preparation of your renovation would be completed accordingly, so you would not have to spend more money adjusting your plans or facing issues with the development of your project.

The cement renderer can also render or screed bathroom floors where it is extremely important that the floor is straight while allowing for a fall towards the floor drain. This allows for the easy application of floor tiles and reassurance that excess water on your bathroom floor with flow towards the floor drain, thus avoiding an excess of water and dampness.

Increased Property Value with Bathroom Rendering

Bathrooms are some of the most important rooms or features of a house. Bathrooms are the location in your house obtains the maximum variety of foot-steps in a day. Also, an improperly functioning bathroom, having water not being drained properly or humid air not being expelled efficiently, can affect other rooms or parts of the house
These reasons are some of the reasons that make a bathroom a decisive factor in the evaluation of a property’s value. Bathroom rendering can greatly increase the look and proper functioning of a bathroom and therefore increase the value of your property. It is important therefore to choose the right rendering company.

Excellent Bathroom Rendering Sydney Wide

SAB Rendering provides professional bathroom rendering services Sydney Wide. We can help create a solid base for your bathroom design or renovation. Our skilled and experienced renderers will make your bathroom safe, perfectly functioning and ready to receive any further development you planned.

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