Cement Rendering

Cement Rendering Services

Cement RenderingCement rendering is the application of a layer of a mixture, traditionally of cement and sand, to brick, stone, cement or mud brick. It can have different textures, can be colored or painted after it has been applied, which allows it to give different looks to a house, depending on the preferences. You can choose to have your rendering smooth or textured, coarse or fine, pigmented or painted, colored or natural.

Though predominantly applied to exterior walls, cement rendering can also be successfully applied to interior walls made of cement, brick or stone. It has been used for centuries as a great way of improving the appearance and sturdiness of a property, while also serving as an excellent weatherproofing procedure for the exterior.

Advanced Cement Rendering

The traditional render used for cement rendering needs time to dry to be a viable solution. Improving it with an addition of other additives in the mix though, it can be ensured to dry quicker and last longer than ever before.
Combined with waterproof elements, cement rendering with premix is one of the cheapest ways to build a high-quality wall that will last for decades. A mix of lime, sand, and cement can be greatly versatile, making it possible to be applied rough or smooth, upon preferences. Also, the many different looks that can be reached using this mix, makes it ideal for many types of projects.

Best Cement Rendering Services in Sydney

Rendering your property provides the advantage of being able to select from many different styles and finishes that cannot be achieved otherwise. Also being possible to be achieved without any structural work makes it a very cost-effective way of improving the look and sturdiness of your home.

Rendering is not just a way of beautifying and increasing the resistance and longevity of your home, but also a way of increasing its value.

At SAB Rendering, we will assess your property and advise if cement rendering would be the best option for your project or another type of rendering should be used, depending on the material used for the initial construction of your house. Our renderers care about the quality of their work and your property, and will always advise you what would best suit your project. That combined with our skills and professionalism, makes our services the best services you can find.

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