Polystyrene Rendering

 Polystyrene Rendering Services

Polystyrene RenderingPolystyrene rendering is the services that use polymer render as their mix. It is a modern product that contains silicone water repellents in the cement based render mix. This silicone addition in the mix makes it extremely resistant to water penetration while allowing internal moist to pass through the layer of render, permitting the wall to breathe.

Polymer render is available as monocouche render, which eliminates the need for a base coat while providing a strong base for the finish coats. This render is usually used on lightweight blocks or breeze block.

The polymer renders come in a wide variety of colors and can be finished in a multitude of textures. Additionally, being pre-blended, the quality of the render will be consistent, allowing a superior finish.

The surfaces suitable for polystyrene rendering mostly include, but are not limited to – modern brick, Steel framed buildings, insulation boards, lightweight thermalite block, breeze block or polystyrene insulation sheets.

Expanded Polystyrene

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or Styrofoam is a polymer render infused with a foaming agent that gives it excellent insulating properties, highly resistant to heat flow and moisture penetration.

Expanded Polystyrene is an excellent material to use for wall insulation, and highly cost-effective. Expanded polystyrene boards are lightweight, easy to handle & install, durable, flood and rot-proof, which allows it to remain effective for the life of the building. Also being environmentally friendly, makes this render an attractive option for polystyrene rendering.

Superior Polystyrene Rendering Sydney

SAB Rendering offers professional polystyrene rendering services Sydney Wide, at really attractive prices.
It is essential to use the correct type of render to strengthen, improve or insulate a particular building, as using the wrong render for a particular type of wall may result in failure of the render, damp and crack problems, which can even lead to health problems in some cases. This is why it is extremely important to choose the right experts to render your property.

Our experienced renderers are able to provide high-quality polystyrene rendering services and advise which type of render would best suit your building.

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